DM Bonbon Plays RPGs
((What can readers of this blog expect?))

-More art, less text!
Reblogs of current events in other blogs as well as text-only replies and conversations were necessary for being a believeable part of the shared universe, and since it was happening in “real time” it was impossible to have art ready in time for many important events that really would have benefited from it.

-More coherent storyline!
Bonbon’s multiverse cruise will slowly be leading up to where DM Bonbon’s story left off, and it will be able to answer your asks with images and videos so that events are more clear and understandable.

Eventually it will catch up to the situation with Lyra and Clan Aberrans, and that will have time to be explained more clearly.

I hope you will continue to read and enjoy the adventures of Bonbon and her crew as we go through this change!



So! I want to start by saying that working with the readingverse has been a fun and educational first impression of tumblr! DM Bonbon’s early adventures with all the other blogs are still some of the most fun I’ve had in the mlp fan community!

But as the ‘verse has grown and evolved we have undergone a lot of changes both in the way we handle our blogs and in the type of stories being told in our version of Ponyville. And unfortunately it has become impossible to tell Bonbon’s story the way I’d like.

So from now on there will be much less interaction between Bonbon’s blog and the readingverse. Her story should now be considered independent of theirs.

I would like to thank rainbow-dash-reads-homestuck's author for allowing me to play around in his universe for a while.

I would list all the other blogs that I’d like to thank for all the adventures we’ve had together, but that would quickly turn this into a wall of text! You’ve all been great, and taught me so much about writing and art and blogging in general!

Now for everyone still sticking around I’ll have a separate post telling you what you can expect from the continuing adventures of Bonbon and friends!


Spike: Its not like I find any jewelry as food. Especially ones that glows.


Sugar Cube corner? Appetizing?


Soundproof his cell, so you can hear nothing from inside without opening it. Then lock him in with an endless loop of It's A Small World After All. He will be begging for mercy within the hour.

Instead of “its a small world” I am having Spike practice his saxophone music this way.

Well, given that he's not going to tell you anything willingly, it's either read his mind or coerce him into telling you. Generally speaking, coercion is several steps down the ethical ladder from spying and surveillance. It also produces much less reliable evidence. Mind-reading may be a violation of privacy, but in this case it may also be the lesser of two evils.

Yes, I think it might finally be time to consider this option.

Murder is the best solution.

No, not yet.

"Is there nothing universally, inherently good?" Alas, if there were such a virtue, we could all be happy in this nasty world. But as for whether you can rely on anything, I quote a famous bard in saying, "To thine own self to be true." You can rely on yourself; trust in yourself, and in those who are truly your friends, and the rest must surely follow.


Hm… with that sentiment I think I will say goodnight. I still need to make a few more preparations for the plan to work.

Regardless of which of your friends might be Queen Carbon (if one of them IS the Queen, that is) I'd say that you should wait and see what happens with Harold Saddleton, AKA 0007. If you and Time Turner can convince him to return to being Time Turner's friend when this is all over, then you and the rest of "Carbon's" friends can probably get her to return to being kindhearted as well.


Hm… do you think it is more likely that Time Turner can convince the prisoner, or will it go the other way around?

is the plan butts? I hope the plan is butts.


There is a nonzero chance that butts will be involved in the plan.

Alright, current Bonbon is thinking about her actions, is learning from past mistakes, and is not sounding like a villain in the making. I think that's a good sign, but of course, only Bonbon can decide what's truly right for herself. Best of luck, wherever your path may take you!


Thank you, Mr. culithetroper.